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Anti-Aging Skincare Line: LA PEAU

Hydrating and Regenerating Cream/Gel

Hyper hydrating cream/gel for a daily maintenance without emphasis on the skin type; containing a 10% concentration of the BeCell Complex stabilized for topical usage. This cream/gel is recommended to women in their thirties, for a maintenance of little damaged and slightly wrinkled skin.

Regenerating cream/gel resulting in a deep firming of the epidermis and the activation of anti-wrinkle treatment, through a reinforcement of the cellular cohesion. Cream containing the BeCell Complex concentrated at 20% and stabilized for a topical usage

Restoring cream/gel used for a deep skin treatment.
Cream/Gel containing the BeCell Complex in free form and the micro-spheres with late-release dosages (liposomes) and concentrated at 55 % of volume (stabilized for a topical usage).


Presented under the shape of a mini-flask for single use, the serum, is a hyperactive concentrate of feeding substance containing the BeCell Complex, highly concentrated (75 % of the volume), coupled with a specific conveyor resulting from biotechnologies, allowing an accelerated passage through the epidermal barrier.

This type of serum should be applied on the fragile areas of the face or on very thin skin that is prone to aggressions.

Personalized Product Range OWN

The product range OWN represents a new approach to the cosmetic industry, due to its innovating and unique characteristics.

The use of this product range has been subjected to several phases necessary to the elaboration of the end product that is perfectly tailored to the need of each customer.

Recall of the various phases:
  - A micro-biopsy (1 to 2 mm≥) is practised on the patient, in the auricular zone, one month prior to the development of the personalized product range.
  - A first-culture of the cells is carried out according to the methods of producing the epidermis and dermis, in order to set-up a complete cartography, based on the histological level as well as the biochemical level of the cell-sample.
  - The complete assessment of the skin having been accomplished, part of the cells is put in cryogenisation for a later use and the other part is put in culture, according to the principles of the first-culture, namely support of the different cellular and biochemical deficits.
  - At T+21 days, BeFutur is able to produce the cream OWN, containing the autologous cells, the collagen and the various fundamental components, according to a gradient of concentration, in relation to the requirements shown during the skin assessment.
  - Adding to that the BeCell Complex modified at a rate of 55 %, together with a hyper hydrating base and antioxydant.

After the completion of this last phase, the patient will receive her/his own product to be preserved in the refrigerator, and to be consumed in the following 4 weeks. The preparation jar, of course, will be of single and daily dosage use, without any possibility of skin contamination by the fingers.

The customer will be able to order her/his product all year long, without worrying about another biopsy, thus using the cells in cryogenisation as a basis.

It is however understood that this personalized product range OWN is only usable by the cellular donor himself; avoiding any allergic reaction caused by the use of another person.