Main Titles
  • The only company in the world
    using serum free technology



Using methods of cell-culture that are totally serum-free, BeFutur is able to produce the epidermis, as well as autologous fibroplasts in just 21 days, and this in a perfectly defined culture medium.

Presented under the shape of a mini-flask for single use, the serum, is a hyperactive concentrate of feeding substance containing a modified MCDB and highly concentrated (75 % of the volume), coupled with a specific conveyor resulting from biotechnologies, allowing an accelerated passage through the epidermal barrier.

The unique medium biochemically defined and fully serum-free is the backbone of the research carried out by BeFutur Biotechnologies. This means that all medium used in the various cultures is totally free of any animal substance.

Hence, BeFutur can obtain the following products cited below, in a totally serum-free medium, clear from any animal substance:

  Cardiac cells cultivated in a serum free medium
  Matrix of autologous collagen for cardiac cells
  In vitro models to isolate adult stem cells.